Wednesday, 26 September 2007

WHAT'S MY AGE ???????

Yesterday, the 25th was my birthday. I was on call at the hospital, so I didn't celebrate. The day before I felt sad, it's my first birthday away from home, I'll not have my mother cake, I'll not celebrate it with my family, and I was upset because I wasn't sure of my age, at that time I came so stupid to calculate my age. I was born in 1978, so I wasn't sure if it is 29 or 30!!!!
The morning of my birthday, I had SMS's from my parents congratulating my birthday. On the way to the hospital, I was still making the calculation, then I thought that I'm 30, that made me sad, it's a big number, no more 20 in my age, beside, I said to myself, if it's really 30 I have to do a big party, but I can't now, as I'm on call and my family are away.
I wanted badly to phone my mother to ask her my age, she must know it, she's the one who brought me to this life, but I had no credit in my mobile phone, so I said I'll call another day.
I don't know how they calculate the age, I did all the math, I finished my 29 year, but I'm not 29 any more, I'm starting my 30, so what we say, I'm 29 and one day, two days, three days...etc!
If there is a number between 29 and 30 that made it more easy, but there is no, any way, I passed my birthday at hospital doing my on call, I had to go to dublin by ambulance to transfer an ICU patient there, so I was busy all the day, I didn't sleep at all, when I came back from dublin I had work to do at hospital, so I stopped thinking of my age, and I wrote to my parents an email.
Today morning my dad phoned me, and he told me that I'm 29, I was sooooooooooooooo happy, like I gained a year in my life, and still I don't have to be afraid of the big number.
I know that sounds stupid, but I was really concerned of my age, I think when I was backhome I just ask my mom about my age and I trust her answer, so I didn't have to do any math , my Mother was my math.
But now, I'm alone, away from my family, I had to do all the math to calculate my age, but dad answered my question, could you please reassure me that it's truth, I'll let you do the math and I'll wait for your calculations, but please, not 30 make it 29 with every means possible!!!.


BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

Happy Birthday my dear sho, I know it must be hard for u to have ur first birthday away from ur family , and as I told u in the phone i am so sure that u r 29 , because if u are 30 that will make too one year older and this is no way to happened lol ...
and u r right u finished ur 29 so that is why u say I am 29 , because u have not finished the 30 yet , so u can't say I am 30 until u finished it ...
that is what i am thinking
and hope it is right for the both of us lol
have a nice day birthday boy :0)

Keskustelua suomalaisista arvoista said...
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Sho said...

thanks dear sis, yes, I was happy, it's the first time that I decrease one year in my birthday instead of the oppisite, that was good!so I'll enjoy this year coz the next year will be really 30!

Benghazi Citizen said...

Happy birth day my dear friend.......I passed by Sabri counich and i thought of
And by the is 29 years old..
dont think much of it
be well and safe
c u
Benghazi Citizen

maiuna said...

Happy belated birthday...and yes, it's your 29th birthday, so don't worry u r still in your 20's :P

Sho said...

thanks maiuna, yes, still 20s, I"ll enjoy it as it's the last 20!!, thnaks for visiting my blog.

Rose Bud said...

I know how you feel. Last year was my first Birthday, Ramadan and everything being away from my family. It gets easier. Next month is my 2nd birthday away from home and this is my 2nd Ramadan. Good luck to you in your new life.

Gheriani said...

A Happy and Joyous Eid ul fitr.

Maya said...

its too late to tell you that but I wanna say it happy 29's birthday and happy eid to you there
nice Blog

fe aman Allah

Sho said...

rose bud, thanks for your comment, you are right, being away from family and ramadan, all that confused me, but I'm fine, and I like my life here although I miss my family, happy eid to you.

Sho said...

thanks gheriani, happy eid to you too, hope you'll have a nice eid with family, hi maya, thks, and it's not late, as I'm celebrating my birthday everyday, lol, happy eid to you.

Brave Heart said...

happy birth day Sho, wish you have a happy and joyful Eid and may Allah accept our fast and prayers, and grant us his forgiveness.

Sho said...

thanks brave heart, same to you, hope you had a nice eid with family!

Guess said...

hmmm its a shame that i've read this blog now, cuz you will be turning 30 in a few days now,
but if it makes you feel any better, you were 29 a year ago,,,lol.
i liked the line my mother is my math, im sure she liked it too,

and dont worry about age, its jst a number!,
youth is really in the head and heart, and 30 isnt such a bad number anyway,

happy belated birthday :p, and happy up-coming one insha Allah
take care now and salaam