Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Hiiiiiiiii again, I'm still alive!!!

Well, it seems that some people like my blog, or shall I say my short blog, I stopped bloggin since long time,although still was following the nice Libyan blogs, I admit I was lazy to stop blogging, but it’s not only that, my life changed much here, it’s completely a new life, it’s the life I was always dreaming of, but still, there is a huge empty space in my life, it’s my family, I miss them so much, it has been almost 8 months since I left them, it seems to me longer and shorter.
Longer as I miss them so much, can’t wait to meet them again, shorter because the time just flies, sometimes it’s scary how time just flies so fast, my life is based now on work, that’s the main part of my days, going to work in the morning, coming back in the evening, from one on call to the other on call and the week just ends and another week starts.
It’s scary because I have to study for my exams, my exam is on march next year, but with this speed of time, it will be soon.
Any way, hope I’ll prepare myself good for the exam and I can race time, at the moment my best friend(Benghazi citizen) is preparing for a very important exam, so I wish to him the best of luck, he deserves all the best.
I think I’ll stop here, I just wanted a start to refresh my blog, and thanks to all the bloggers who visit my b log and leave comments encouraging me to write, really I appreciate it.