Sunday, 21 October 2007


I am sooooooooo happy, I became an uncle, my sis living abroad had a baby girl on the first day of eid, when I heard the news I almost cried, it's the first baby in my family, I imagined how my parents would be happy and delighted for that, I'm looking forword to see her, I'll go to visit my sister next april inshallah, so till that time I'll see her pics, my little sis is doing a great job by sending to all of us all her pics everyday, that's wonderful, she just looks like an angel, may allah bless and protect her.


last week I gave a statment to the gardai (Irish Police), don't worry, I didn't kill anybody!!, here is the story.
I was oncall on night, and they call me to intubate a lady with severe head injury, then I transfered her to dublin by ambulance because she had to do urgent brain operation, any way I can't tell much about that, you know: doctor patient confendiality, they only thing I can say that the story of her accedent was strange, and because of that the irish police were investigating, they called me around 4 days afetr the accedent, and they asked me to give my statment, they took it from all doctors were involved in the managment of this poor lady.
and as I was the anaesthetist who transferred her to dublin, they asked for my statment, it was a nice man who spoke to me, and he told me that he'll do that on the time and place that suit me, so I agreed to do it at home the other day as I wasn't working.
he came at the afternoon, he was a nice young man, and he wrote everything I said, I imagened that his job wasn't easy to write everything from all the docotrs, he told me that my english is good which make his job easier.
any way, I'm writing this story just to compare somthing backhome, before the police man was coming to my home to take my statment, I was afraid as I thought that I had to preapre all my papers and passport, so I made everything ready, but no, when he came, he was so friendly, and he didn't ask at all where I'm from niether he didn't ask any personal document to confirm my ID, I liked that, and I said if the same thing happened backhome, I would be in more trouble, and It would be more complicated and propably I would stay at the police station for long time before they release me!!!


I'm doing not bad in cooking, but I'm too moody, I mean I cook only when I'm in good mood and have time, otherwise which is ususally jsut do something quickly or buy some ready food.
the other day I invited few irish friends to my home for dinner, and I wondered what should I cook, then I said why not batata embatna, they love potatoes here, and I was sure they'll love it.
so I phoned to my mom, and my sis abroad to ask for help, they told me how to do it, my mom told me that I'm brave to do that for the first time and ivite people, so I decided to do a back up in case of failure, I did tajeen dajaj whith that, I learnt that from my father, he is so good in that.
It took around 4 hours to prepare everything then to cook it, I was doing not bad, when I finished it looked like real batata embatna, so I closed my eyes and I tasted it, and yessssssssssssssss, it was good.
I was happy, to cook something and invite people for is nice, especially when you are alone , and I was right, they liked it, everything, the batata and the tajeen, I was so happy for that.
since then I didn't cook much, just embakebka which i like and it remind me alot of home wtih it's spices and sauce!
I'll let the pics speak of themselves, and tell me what you think, shall I continue on my talent, ha ha!!

Sunday, 14 October 2007


I bought a car a couple of weeks ago, it's a Toyota Yaris, made in 2000, it was a good deal, the owner, a doctor from Bahrain wanted to sell it just because she had to go back home quickly, so she didn't ask much money for it, so here it is my car parking infront of home everyday and I still can't drive it, just because I have to do the Irish driving exam first, it's on next saturday, I have to pass it to be able to do all the insurrance documents and to be able to drive, I'm so excited, can't wait to drive it and discover the place around with my car, it will make life much nicer for me!!